What it takes to have a successful website

Do you have a website or are you thinking about getting one?  There are a number of important elements we want to make sure you know about.  Specifically, in the field of real estate, the arena is highly competitive and technologically advanced.  So, what are the questions you want to be asking in order to know that your website will produce results?  Coming up is our list of must have components of a successful website.

Have a professional website.  Your website has less than 2 seconds to make a favorable impression on your visitors.  This can be achieved with clear and consistent branding.  An easy to use navigation is important.  Images you place on your website that are bright, sharp and clear and get the job done.


Be mobile or be ignored.  Chances are that you are reading this on your mobile device as the rest of the world does.  Also, Google, the #1 search engine in the world announced several years ago they they will reward mobile responsive websites while basically ignore non-responsive websites.  So having a mobile responsive website gives you a competitive advantage and a chance to get the necessary ranking and exposure to expect leads from your website.


Lead generators are how clients come to you.  In real estate websites, people want to have options to view, schedule appointments, share with friends and family, watch videos, get pricing, map details and much more.  Lead generators, can be conspicuously placed where it’s convenient and intuitively simple to get people to communicate with you.  Our clients get many leads and opportunities because their websites offer multiple ways for visitors to send their requests on properties they want information about.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is how your get to be found.  A professional website can have a structure that permits url aliases, generating tags, descriptions, titles, keywords, and paragraphs on specific terms.  Without this structure a website has limited potential for being found in google searches.  With this structure you have the ability to generate all the necessary components that put you head to head with others who are competing in the same market.


The foundation is set.  We certify a website that has all the above components as a professional website with unlimited potential.  What’s next?


Just like a store owner knows that by having a sign that says “Welcome!, We are Open!”, he’s not guaranteed to get customers, your professional website needs additional components to get visitors.  The good news is that there is no mystery to getting those results.  We’ve created hundreds of websites and designed plans with predictable results.  Here’s what you need for your website to get what you want:


Have a Marketing Plan

For a marketing plan to become possible there are several necessary resources needed, a budget is one of them.  Take a moment to consider the arena you are in.  In real estate, who else is selling properties in your area and what are they currently doing to promote their website?  This information will give you an idea of the budget necessary to equal or surpass others in your field.  The budget will determine the ROI you can expect.


Generate the necessary SEO

We discussed having a structure for SEO that lets you add your keywords, tags, titles and content.  How that content is generated is critical in the fact that it lets google and other search engines identify your website, catalogue you under the appropriate categories, and rank you for visitors to find you easily.  This SEO business is both simple and intricate.  Whether you are experienced in this field or have no knowledge of how this works, you get your answers from SEO pros (like us) and design your SEO strategy confidently.


Advertise where it counts

Advertising your website works and produces unexpected results.  Look at places like google adwords, zillow advertising, trulia, realtor, facebook ads etc.


Be social and get likes

Your contacts and professional sphere is where you start; as they already know who you are.  Your website can get more views and visitors when you share its contents on your (professionally designed) Facebook page.  There is also, Facebook Marketing for growing your targeted audience.  Once again, if you find yourself with more than you are able or willing to take on, get the pros (like us) to partner with your social media marketing strategy.


Contacts are your unrefined gold

Having your contacts segmented and placed in a campaign management system is how you maximize your sales results.  Get your leads and prospects in an automated system and track their actions to identify who wants your business.  This work requires planning and organization that leaves any outlook and others in the dust.  Let your database be your gold mine as you promote your site with useful content that invites your prospects to see the value you are offering.  This is a way to leverage your contacts and grow your website’s reach.


Content gets Customers

This works involves, blogs, articles, email blasts, newsletters, FB posts and much more.  All to establish yourself and your website as the authority and the purveyor of useful information.  This work is beneficial for your website in several sustainable ways.  Your content sets you apart and makes your website handsomely ranked and rated by your visitors.  The way content is generated is what is important.  The keywords used, the relevance or the articles and the frequency is how you know your website is getting visitors.


We have a mission to have all our clients win in their business, reduce stress and get the results they want.  With the above points you can be sure your website will succeed in producing what you expect.  There is no secret or magic, just simple and specific components that work.  When you are ready, we are ready to make your website succeed and we believe the time is now.





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