We are coming to NY in July

Our clients have expressed an interest in doing more with their marketing and we got the message.  Now we are coming straight to you to provide you the tools, the training and the know how to have your marketing produce results!

WHEN:  July 12 – 18

So how can you take advantage of this?  Sign up for a free 2-hr personalized training with eRealty Marketing.   This is an opportunity to have your office receive the latest training and tools on how to multiply your marketing efforts.  Also, with this training your team can get inspired and discover opportunities that they are currently not enjoying.

This is a limited opportunity that we are offering to the first FIVE large offices (offices with 20 Plus Agents) that contact us to schedule their free personalized training.

Contact us and say “I’m in!” so we can contact you and coordinate your team’s training.

Contact us quickly as we have limited space and time.  During these two hours of training, we will cover items including:  Expanding Your Social Reach.  Wherever you are right now in your social media, we will guide you into creating your profile, getting more likes and reaching more people.   Another item we will cover is how to get the most out of your contacts and what systems actually give you the leads and the referrals.

We will also discuss the technology that’s available and how to have it save your time and effort through automation.  Your team will be able to produce more results with simple technology solutions that don’t require being a technology expert.  With the training, your team will be inspired, take new actions to reach untapped potential and your business will grow through multiple actions.  Our track record with current clients has shown us that their sales increase, their exposure explodes and they receive leads they can actually use!  Now it’s your turn to get the expert training and take off with greater speed!

Contact us and say “I’m in!” so we can contact you and coordinate your team’s training.

Our co-founder, Alex Montalenti will personally lead this training and it can truly be a game changer for any agent.

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