The Importance of High Resolution Photography and What’s Next

Before we speak about the new technology and what’s next.  I just need to vent.
Why are so many realtors still shooting listings in low resolution on their iPhones or other devices?

In my view, this is a complete disservice to the client.  As Realtors you have the honor of showcasing people’s homes for the world to see and make properties look amazing.   Low Resolution Photos are not serving you, the seller or the homebuyers.  They want to see as much as they can about a property before they invest their time to see it in person.

In fact, many homeowners and investors buy properties based on the photos they see of the properties.

In a recent study, statistics showed that 90 percent of home buyers start their search online and they spend more time looking at homes with high resolution photography.  This means better performance of your listings which should inspire you to trash all low-rez photos online.

See for yourself; search for a neighborhood or condo.  Then, click on the listing and click on the photo slideshow.  Now look at the tiny photos that you can barely make out.  Those are low rez photos uploaded by agents.

The Fact is when high resolution photos are taken for a property you get more leads. announced several years ago that when high resolution photos are used for a property, the property sells faster and for more money.  For the serious real estate professional, high resolution photography is not optional, It is a must.

Zillow recently launched Video walkthroughs so agents can upload their own video walkthroughs to showcase the property.

360 Photos can be taken with cameras (check out panomo) and then be used in google street view app.

360 Videos are also being used.

Aerial Photography is a key feature for waterfront properties or properties with big backyards.

Drone Videography and Photography is awesome and has become very popular.

Virtual Reality is the next level.  Nowadays one can shoot a 360 photo and make it work in VR and people can watch it on a VR Headset and it is like they are in the property.

When high resolution photos are used we see the property photos fill the screen and you can see more details.  Low Resolution photos generally do not fill the screen.

What type of photography and technology are you utilizing?

How are you enhancing your listings?

We can help you choose the right technology or photography depending on the property and the budget.  If you want to be unique and go after luxury listings, work with one of the more advanced photography or videography services.  Contact us and let’s find a fit for you.




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