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At eRealty Media we love to share what actions that we take the result in sales and growth.  What is the latest tip or trick?  In fact, there is no trick, it’s just multiplication.  Co-founder of eRealty Media, Alex Montalenti, describes the work of multiplying your marketing efforts as one that has already produced results including new sales and increased interaction with our prospects.

What are the steps?  The first place to start is in your database of contacts.  Whether you have 100 or 1000 contacts, the important question to ask is what are you doing with that list?  Next, is the simple task of sending an email.  Alex, explains, that “email is a highly under-utilized tool for realtors”  Your emails to your contacts can actually turn into a massive marketing campaign.  You can use the same content from your email and distribute it to various social media channels.

In just a few weeks we saw unexpected results and new sales!  We are committed that you get similar results utilizing what you already have.



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What you get:

  • Simple ways to get attention in social media
  • Email blasts that work
  • Easy steps to massive results
  • Tracking results and engaging with your prospects



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  • Learn technology the easy way
  • Participants have the chance to win prizes

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