Do you block time for the things that matter the most to you?

Want to have your time work for you?

Time blocking and using online scheduling tools can really help you and your business.

Using a online calendar that synchronizes with your phone, your computer, your crm and only shows clients and prospects and team members your availability helps put you back in control of your schedule.

Here’s an example by Alex: Alex started blocking specific hours in order to do what is important to him. One area was his health: From 11:30am to 1:30 pm he is not available for anything else other that what he assigned this time for, exercise and healthy eating. Two months of this practice allowed him to accomplish his goals including losing 25 pounds and having an increase in his vitality.

The same time blocking method was applied for other areas such as business. He blocked 3 hours per day to schedule interaction with business prospects. Single hours were blocked for meetings with company managers in the organization.

For simple application, he created links inside the company’s website as well as added the same link to his email signature. This way, anyone can access and book time in his calendar based on what is available.

Just like in his personal life, in his professional life, the results were unprecedented. These results included, additional sales, more projects completed for clients, and creative solutions were invented during client conversations. In other words, sales, productivity and harmony was produced in the company.

Currently, the rest of eRealty media is adopting this method and will track their results.

“I use this method to manage my entire life, with my friends, family and employees and I don’t have to stress over how to manage my calendar. Everyone gets my full attention because they blocked their time with me.”

What results are you getting out of your time management? Do you allow our contacts to schedule themselves around your schedule? What techniques have you found effective?

About Alex: Alex Montalenti is the co-founder of eRealty Media. You can find us at
eRealty Media’s Motto: Erealty media builds stress free technology and expands your digital footprint so you can focus on the business of real estate.

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