Avoid the Top 5 Mistakes that Agents & Brokers Make When Building a Website

So you’ve taken the big decision of building your brand new real estate website. But with technology being so fluid and changing from month to month, you have to make sure you cover every aspect of your new website to ensure it becomes a tool for you to make sales and close deals. Here’s 5 tips you should consider when building your new website:

1. Easy navigation
Make sure you include all the pages that your clients might find interesting or useful (neighborhood info, school info pages, etc) but don’t overdo it. Nobody wants to endlessy crawl through a website just to find what they need.

2. Search Engine Optimization
Learn more about your target audience and invest in the keywords that best represent your business. It might be tempting to go for universal keywords like simply “real estate”, but focusing on your office location and including the town name into your keywords will give you better results.

3. Visual Appeal
The time of scrolling text, background music and flashy banners is long gone. Users want an easy to use and easy to look at experience whenever their browsing your website. Try focusing on 3-4 main colors as a theme throughout your website, a constant font style and size and an impressive logo instead.

4. Social Media
Constant use of social media platforms have made them a huge part of any business, but most don’t take advantage of this. Being active on main social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and getting in contact with potential clients in a one on one conversation builds trust in your company.

5. Mobile Compatibility
Website responsiveness on mobile platforms is a must have for any website nowadays. Mobile browsing accounts for nearly half of a website’s visitors, and not having an easy to use website on a phone or tablet can mean losing possible clients.


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