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Being always on sight and on mind is how you can count on a regular flow of prospects. How you can be the person and provider of your client’s real estate needs is by being everywhere until they discover you.  While that may sound impossible, here’s the good news.  You can accomplish this for FREE!!  Cue the party music and shoot the confetti into the ceiling!  Below is a list of ways to get your advertising done gratis:

Use Google Your Business
Google offers a free listing that includes many features at no cost to you. Google lets you enter the name of our company, description, get ratings, get found on maps, offer coupons, add photos, and more.  Since google is the #1 website people use, it makes sense to let your targeted prospect find you on top of there.


Use Facebook
Facebook boasts as the website where people spend most of their time.  You can take part of that attention by creating your free business page.  What’s more, Facebook has designed the process to be simple from the first step all the way to the LIKES you’ll begin to get.


Expand your connections by creating a profile in linkedin.  With linkedin, you freely establish yourself as a professional and a leader in your industry.  Along with your personal professional profile, you can also create your company page and showcase your business.


Share your photos of properties, listings, yourself, and much more.  With instagram you get to share photos and videos in a simple process while including your website, and contact details.


Your agent profile page
This is your profile as it is displayed by the office’s website.  Use this to the maximum, by enhancing details that set you apart from the rest.  Write a compelling bio, emphasize your experience, comment on your past accomplishments, highlight testimonials, share your philosophy and work ethic.

Manager your Zillow profile
Zillows gets millions of visits by the type of clients you are looking for.  Be sure to keep your profile up to date and invest as much time as necessary to ensure that your details are accurate and up to date.  Use a high resolution photo of yourself, invite your clients to provide you testimonials and keep your listings up to date.


Realtor is also free
Every realtor that is part of the national association of realtors gets a free profile page.  Similar to zillow, you can update your bio, update your listings, get testimonials, links to your website and more.



The work you put in to develop each of you the above free sources expands your digital footprint and increases you visibility dramatically.  Whether you wish to tackle this work on your own or require the support of a tech savvy partner, you can count on us.  With more than 14 years of experience, we certainly can partner with you and work to get you the exposure to individuals in your market.  Take action or get support and get your free advertising to work for you.






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